Q: Your packages say “unlimited” images, what does that mean?

      A: We do not put a cap or limit on how many images we take on your wedding day. We will take as many images as we think are required to tell your wedding story.

      Q: Can I have every single image you take from my wedding?

      A: No and there is a simple reason for it. We eliminate all duplicate and test images, out of focus images, images with bad expressions as closed eyes or weird looks and all other images that doesn’t tell the true story of your wedding.

      Q: Have you photographed my venue before?

      A: There is a good chance we have. In case we are not familiar with the venue, we will select a day and time
      to do a complete a walkthrough of your wedding and reception location.

      Q: Are you available for destination weddings?

      A: Our destination wedding photography packages are simply our standard wedding photography packages plus the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations including meals. Email us for a custom quote. support@harperandhadley.com

      Q: Do you provide videography service with your wedding or event packages?

      A: Yes, we can provide this additional service upon request.

      Q: Do you provide a partial wedding day coverage?

      A: We do provide different wedding packages with different durations. We understand that not all weddings are
      the same. If you have a unique wedding or elopement that only requires a couple hours of coverage, contact us for
      a custom quote.

      Q: Is your business insured to cover any potential damages or accidents at my venue?

      A: Yes, we are insured for any property damages that might occur from our services while on wedding venue.

      Q: How do you backup our wedding images to ensure they won’t be lost?

      A: To ensure we never lose a client image we follow this workflow:
      We use newly formatted memory cards for each wedding and we never mix images from a separate wedding events on the same memory card.
      We use two memory cards in each camera body and record two copies of each image on a separate memory card
      After the wedding day, all your images are downloaded onto two different external hard drives.
      A third copy of your images are uploaded to a secure cloud service.
      All of your processed images are uploaded to your private online gallery (third party image storage solution).

      At any given point, there are two or three copies of your wedding images.


      Q: When is the best time to book our engagement session?

      A: We suggest clients book their engagement session as soon as possible. This is typically 7-9 months before the wedding.

      Q: What locations can you recommend for our engagement session?

      A: Selecting an engagement session location will be done in collaboration with you. We can start with your favorite locations or places with significance to you. For example, the place where he proposed or where you had your first date. You can also pick up to two locations for your session so have fun with it!

      Q: What should I wear to an engagement session?

      A: Having something which is both comfortable and simple will make you more confident during your engagement session. It should be fun as well, remember this is about you and your fiancé, your passion and feelings for each other. I recommend bringing multiple outfits for a nice range of looks. Bright or neutral colors and clothing free of patterns or logos is best. I would also advise for men not to bring hats. Typically hats will cast an unflattering shadow on the upper part of the face that is difficult to remove in post-production. If you decide to bring heels to the session, also bring flats to use for walking as we will be moving from location to location.

      Q: How many images do you take and deliver after an engagement session?

      A: During your engagement session we will be taking multiple images of the same pose to make sure all the elements in the photo line up and look great. We usually take about 75-100 images per every hour of photography. These are curated during the post-production process and only the best are selected for the final set which will be delivered to you.

      Therefore you can expect to have a final set of 50-90 images for 1-2 hours of an engagement session.

      Q: How long does it take to have our final engagement images and how we can see them?

      A: It can take between 2-3 weeks for us to process your engagement images and post them into your private online gallery. This includes making the final selection, adjusting the images, retouching and uploading them to our website. If you need them earlier, there is a $75.00 rush fee and you will have them one week after the session.

      Q: Can you make custom save-the-date prints from our wedding images?

      A: Absolutely. Once you select the images from your engagement session that you would like to use for save-the-date prints, we will create and share a few designs with you for review and approval. Once approved, we will finalize these and prepare the prints or share the digital image if you wish to print them yourself. Contact us for pricing.


      Q: Can I take the bridal portraits before the wedding day?

      A: We highly recommend that you consider having a bridal portrait session prior to your wedding day. The reason being that the wedding day has already been planned and in most cases there isn’t enough time for a bridal portrait session.

      Additionally, having the bride and/or groom portraits done before your wedding day would allow you to select your favorite images and create a custom designed guest sign-in book.


      Q: How many hours should I allot for each part of my wedding day for pictures?

      A: Unlike many photography studios, we actually help brides plan their wedding timelines. This usually occurs after you book us. All we need from you is the date of your wedding and the time you would like your ceremony to start. We will use that and the shot list you provide to us to create a custom timeline just for you. We want you to enjoy your day and not feel rushed so we will make sure we add enough time for photography in your wedding plan.

      Q: Can you photograph pass the contracted time?

      A: We understand that wedding plans could change as this is unchoreographed event. You can guarantee we will not pack our gear and leave your wedding before the contracted time. You are able to request an extension of the wedding photography service and our contract specifies the rate for the extended time. We will charge the rate specified in your wedding photography contract for all the additional time in 30 minute increments.

      Q: Do I have to pay for the time you are not shooting my wedding?

      A: There are time intervals between your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour or wedding reception, during which you might feel you don’t need a photography coverage or there is nothing to photograph. However, we usually use that time to work with you and your groom on your artistic portraits, do the family group images and take detailed images of your reception venue or wedding artifacts.

      If you plan large gap (more than 4 hours) between your wedding ceremony and reception, please make sure to mention it on our pre-wedding consultation.

      Q: When do you typically arrive at the wedding and what to expect on my wedding day?

      A: We typically arrive at least 30 minutes before your booked start time.

      Q: What is a post-wedding day session and do you offer one?

      A: Think of bride and groom portrait session which is held after the wedding in a outdoor location of your choice. This is similar to the pre-wedding bridal session but after the actual wedding. The bride and groom are dressed in their wedding attire and we pose them for artistic and personal portraits. There is no stress from keeping the wedding schedule on track and a more relaxed couple, means more beautiful and genuine portraits. We have found out that the bride and groom who select this option are usually having more fun, enjoy the time with each other and we get amazing images. The bride is also less worried about getting her dress ruined and is willing to go to some interesting locations and places. If you are adventurous type, this session might be for you.