Hello, lovely! I’m Dee!

      I’m a mom to a beautiful baby girl named Charlotte and a wife to my best friend (aka the man of my dreams).  He’ll get a kick out of that when he reads it!

      I’ve been documenting weddings for years now and each time is more beautiful than the last.  Don’t be surprised if you see me wiping some tears from behind my camera during the father/daughter dance or helping a groomsman adjust his boutonniere before the ceremony.

      Weddings are such memorable occasions and our goal is to capture the true emotion of the day.  Whether that’s uncle Bob on the dance floor busting his signature move or mom in the front pew holding your dad’s hand to keep from crying.

      Those are the types of things that make this job such a great one and make it worth every hour of our time.  We are truly blessed and can’t wait to work with you!